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Working Group Agri-Finance

For years, the Agri-Finance Working Group, through the Inclusive Agricultural Value Chain Consortium (IAVCC), has been working to mitigate the risks financial institutions perceive in providing loans to the agriculture sector, as mandated by Agri-Agra Law.


  • The IAVCC was formed as a follow-up to the AgriFinancing Summit 2016, bringing together agricultural finance and value chain stakeholders to collaborate and co-create ways of investing and supporting rural enterprise development.

  • To encourage compliance with the Agri-Agra Law, the Consortium researched and published successful value chain financing models. Future research on the agenda includes a guidebook/toolkit on value chain finance, which will contain practical guidelines, policies, and templates for replication and scaling.

  • At the same time, the IAVCC is working with PPSA Working Groups to promote a national value chain development program on coconut, corn, rice, and onion. This would involve creating an ecosystem of commercial actors, farmer capacity building providers, financial institutions, government, and similar support agencies.

  • The Agri-Finance Working Group will be exploring different financial schemes available to farmers and equip farmer organizations with the financial and administrative skills to improve their portfolios and address their past-due loans. It will also look into the lending system of farmer cooperatives and see what system works for different set-ups.

Working Group Agri-Finance

Members and Partners

  • Agricultural Guarantee Fund Program

  • Ahon sa Hirap, Inc.

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands Foundation

  • Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas-Center for Learning and Inclusion Advocacy

  • BDO Unibank

  • Cropital

  • Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Credit Policy Council

  • Department of Finance - Special Studies Division

  • Development Bank of the Philippines

  • Jollibee Group Foundation


  • Land Bank of the Philippines

  • Mynt

  • Peace and Equity Foundation

  • Tala Orani Multi-Purpose Cooperative

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