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The effects of climate change continue to impact the corn industry. In the fourth quarter of 2019, corn production posted a decline of 8.2% due to the onset of rainfall in corn-producing areas.


Corn prices also posted an 18.8% drop due to falling demand from feed manufacturers. However, projections indicating a rise in corn prices in 2020 – pegged at Php12.23 per kilogram for yellow corn and Php15.00 per kilogram for white corn - are likely to increase the volume of production this year.


  • Identified specific issues in the corn value chain, including smallholders’ lack of access to farm credit and production technologies, the lack of modern postharvest facilities, processing plants, and high transportation costs.

  • Mapping the operations of the private sector and NGO partners to develop value chain projects and models for replication.

  • A local Corn Working Group was established in south-central Mindanao and is currently being led by Biotech Farms, Inc. The group is working on a Farmers Development Program that aims to reach 10,000 smallholder farmers by 2020 and increase farmers’ yield to at least 4.8 metric tons per hectare.

Working Group Corn
11 farmer organizations engaged through marketing agreements
2,846 farmers reached

2,846 farmers

11 farmer organizations
engaged through marketing agreements


Members and Partners

  • Advanta Seeds

  • Bali Oil

  • Biotech Farms, Inc.

  • East-West Seed

  • Japan International Co-operation

  • Leads Agri


  • Ploughshares Inc.

  • Sinochem

  • Sustansiya

  • Syngenta

  • Vitarich Corp

  • YARA Fertilizers Phils., Inc.

  • Zamboanga Grains Corp.

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