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Research Consultant


Grow Asia and the Philippines Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (PPSA) are implementing a research project called ASEAN Green Recovery through Equity and Empowerment (AGREE) Project funded by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada that aims to contribute to the transition to low carbon economy in ASEAN’s agriculture sector, promoting livelihoods and green job opportunities for women in support of ASEAN’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan specifically in Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


The research project conducted a gender- and climate analysis in the corn value chain in Mindanao. After which, the project develops case studies to build on the gender and climate report. Pilot testing of the value chain actions will also  be implemented in collaboration with 1 to 2 private sector partners of the PPSA to establish empirical relevance of the business case of inclusive, gender-responsive, and climate-positive agricultural value chain investments.


The key result is intended to impact a wide range of value chain actors and demonstrate how ASEAN Recovery Framework can best be achieved through a gender-responsive and climate-positive approach. 


The major outputs expected of the entire AGREE project are: 

  • Report on gender- and climate analysis in the corn value chain;

  • Piloting gender-inclusive, climate-smart approaches with private sector partners; 

  • 2 Case studies; and 

  • ‘What Works, What’s Needed’ Report


The objective of the consultancy assignment is to provide technical expertise to the project’s country partner coordinator, the Philippines Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (PPSA) in the implementation of the project, specifically, the documentation of the case studies in the field of women's economic empowerment and climate positive initiatives of the various stakeholders in the corn value chain.


At the outcome level, the output of the consultancy seeks to amplify existing and/or emerging private sector practices on climate-positive practices and women’s economic empowerment, in hopes to scale up climate-smart agriculture (CSA) investments and practices of more private sector actors in the corn value chain. Through this, the case study also aspires to contribute to the body of evidence that will inform policy-makers; help shape and align existing policies into practice, that eventually hastens building back better goals of recovery after the pandemic.


In close coordination with the PPSA, the Consultant will perform the following:


Development of Case Study

For this work, the PPSA shall be responsible for the identification of the case study subject or the entity which will be subject to case study inquiry, i..e, private sector company involved in the corn value chain. Thus, the consultant is expected to focus on the following key deliverables: 


  • Support the development of the selection criteria to identify focus areas for case study highlighting inclusion, women’s economic empowerment, climate-smart innovations, and practices in the corn value chain preferably coming from the existing Gender and Climate Study;


  • Initiate the development of the key elements of the case study, in consultation with PPSA and Grow Asia;


  • Develop a work plan for the case study documentation including, but not limited to, questionnaire for the case study interviews, letter of invitations to prospective case focus, etc;


  • Undertake the conduct of interviews and other case study documentation activities, in coordination with the PPSA. Interviews would potentially cover at least 2 parts, i.e., 1 with a company representative, and 1 with project partners/beneficiaries; 


  • Write the case study and package for publication. Submit a draft case study (in word format) of about 8 pages in length, Word format; and


  • Submit and present the case study in the format as may be agreed with PPSA and Grow Asia.


The case study shall include a short blog post for the release. All activity outputs must also accompany the final outputs, both qualitative and quantitative participatory methodologies.


For data collection and analysis, which might include focus group discussions and key informant interviews, the use of gender protocols and processes is required. All activities shall be undertaken in observance of the Data Management Plan, and Ethics Management Plan of the AGREE Project.


The consultant is expected to undergo the following fundamental activities: 


  • Coordination and alignment meetings with the PPSA Team

  • Level-off scope, outcomes, and process in carrying out the delivery of the outputs, obtain initial data from the AGREE Research Team, including, but not limited to critical learnings in the analysis, and stakeholders involved

  • Design and facilitate consultation workshops, as may be required 

  • Field visit and incidental monitoring

  • Stakeholder engagement meetings


Case Study: Work is expected to commence on/by March 2023 and be completed no later than May 2023 inclusive of field visits, data collection and sign-off by the PPSA Team.


  • A firm of good standing with a relevant portfolio of works on research, and policy development. Thematic focus on agriculture, climate adaptation and resilience, and gender is a plus. 

  • Preferably, composed of at least 1 expert, and support staff

  • Strong knowledge of ASEAN context for gender and climate change discussions

  • Experience in private sector engagement and multi-stakeholder approach

  • Strong knowledge and network on institutions engaged in the AGREE Project is a plus



  • Interested entities/consultants shall submit his/her/their proposal containing relevant information about his/her/their organization, portfolio of works (at least 2 samples of works) and the following essential components, not later than 13 February 2023

    • Technical Workplan containing bill of activities, and methodology of execution

    • Budget Proposal containing required expert days by deliverable 

  • Tenders will be reviewed within the week reckoned on the deadline of acceptance of tenders. PPSA may request additional materials from potential suppliers/partners, as may be needed, and may also include interviews

  • Budget approvals for the selected tenders will have to go through at least one interview process with the proponent 

  • Final selection shall be made not later than March 15, 2023.

Submissions can be sent to, cc:, no later than

13 February 2023 at 5:00 PM GMT+8.


We support creating an inclusive environment for all. Qualified women-led organizations or with women and disabled people in the team are encouraged to apply.


The Philippines Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture upholds non-discrimination, and gender equality and adopts a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of bribery and corruption.

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