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farmers are at the heart

of everything we do

120,000+ farmers

reached through value chain projects, learning events, and other engagements

160+ organizations

engaged in working groups, Communities of Practice, and Secretariat-led initiatives

9 working groups

focusing on commodities and cross-cutting themes



Catalyzed in 2015 by Grow Asia and the Department of Agriculture, the Philippines Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (PPSA) believes in the power of partnerships and knowledge exchange in shaping better lives for Filipino farmers.

what's new

our flagship programs

Mary Ann P. Sayoc
East-West Seed



PPSA is at the forefront of helping address the pressing issues in agriculture by providing a platform for various stakeholders to engage, discuss, collaborate and bring to life initiatives and best practices of individual companies into a collective action aimed at improving the lives of smallholder farmers.

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our core members

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