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PPSA offers its value, and exclusive services and benefits through membership. Our membership is open to any company or institution operating within the agricultural value chain.

why join PPSA as a member?

Leadership and


  • Eligibility to lead PPSA, become a Co-Chair, lead a Working Group, or assume elective and appointed positions in the PPSA's Core Committee and other special committees

  • Opportunity to be invited to meetings with key government stakeholders

  • Voting rights during the election of the PPSA's Core Committee and other special committees

  • Eligibility to participate in Grow Asia councils (subject to Grow Asia’s council membership guidelines)

Network & Knowledge Exchange
  • Access to PPSA’s national network and pool of experts, including Grow Asia's partners across the region for project development/learning exchange

  • Eligibility to participate in the Core Committee and/or Working Groups

  • Access to PPSA General Assembly, member-only networking sessions and activities organized or co-organized by PPSA; Invitation to Grow Asia's regional events and workshops (excluding the Grow Asia Forum)

  • Eligibility for a speaking slot at the annual PPSA General Assembly

  • Invitation for the two most senior representatives of your organization regionally to attend the   

  •  Grow Asia Forum (held alongside the World Economic Forum on Asia Summit)

Media & Publicity
  • Eligibility to profile projects/initiatives through PPSA/Grow Asia platforms, such as case studies, project profiles or learning events

  • Inclusion of company names and/or logo in PPSA website, brochure and applicable reports

  • Eligibility to secure marketing space at the PPSA General Assembly and/or be acknowledged during PPSA events/conferences

  • Opportunity to be featured in PPSA monthly updates

Knowledge & Resources
  • Receive policy insights, market research, case studies, industry studies or stakeholder maps commissioned by the PPSA and/or Grow Asia (could be subject to the project donor)

  • Receive monthly "roundups" of relevant news and insights emerging from the region

  • Access to, and opportunity to publish content on, Grow Asia's Knowledge Repository - the Grow Asia Exchange

Stakeholder Engagement &
Technical Assistance
  • Participation to chosen PPSA Working Group/s

  • Access to partnership/funding opportunities identified by the PPSA and Grow Asia

  • Free technical consultations from PPSA Secretariat and pool of experts

  • Access to coordination assistance related with agri network

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our core members

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