From Collaborations to Value Co-Creation:

Pathways to Helping Smallholder Farmers and Fishers

November 18, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM (GMT+8)

Farmer at Work


Our theme, From Collaborations to Value Co-Creation: Pathways to helping smallholder farmers and fishers, explains our commitment to bring together various stakeholders in pursuing development to the lives of smallholder producers and agriculture as a whole. It focuses on mainstreaming different pathways to support the operationalization of the consultative, inclusive, and multi-perspective food systems transformation agenda. 



Mainstreaming Inclusive Value Chains in Agriculture

Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains (IAVC) is an approach that envisions to maximize inclusivity of operations and initiatives across the value chain. This session provides an in-depth discussion on how IAVC can be done in key components surrounding agricultural development and transformation. 



Emerging Pathways to Food Systems Transformation


The recent UN Food Systems Summit has drawn the attention of the agriculture sector in embracing food systems thinking towards a more holistic, transformational and inclusive approach. Different Action Tracks were designed to capture every component in the achievement of agricultural development. This session then aims to present some of the components that do not gain much traction in agricultural conversations but are equally important in ensuring inclusive and sustainable development. 

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Building Resilience and Sustainability


Conversations on climate change mitigation, climate-smart interventions and sustainability should always be mainstreamed as the effects of climate change continue to hinder agricultural development in a country that is vulnerable to it. This session mainly provides how climate resilience and sustainability build a stronger agriculture sector with focus on climate-smart interventions, digitization and disaster risk reduction. 

  • Engaging Communities through Ethical Approaches 

  • Professionalizing Smallholder Producers

  • Involving Women in Business Development

  • Financing the Value Chain


  • Linking the Philippines to Global Alliances

  • Leveraging Research to Transform Food Systems

  • Promoting Better Nutrition For Filipinos 

  • Scaling up Climate-Smart Agriculture

  • Optimizing Land Use Planning for agricultural sustainability

  • Shaping Resilient Agricultural Communities